Python is the perfect tool for both starting from scratch and for growing and managing traffic volumes like those of Instagram and Spotify. Zupit is currently following the evolution of several web applications used in the health sector.


The major players in the cloud world support and recommend Python as a tool for developing scalable applications and monitoring them.
Zupit supports its customers in the migration to the Cloud.

Machine Learning

More and more successful companies are using machine learning and data-mining for marketing, planning and as a support for strategic decisions. Python is the tool that Zupit has adopted for this type of project.

Web Development

Thanks to some open frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyramid, Python allows you to quickly build complete and scalable web applications.
One of the Zupit teams is currently following the evolution of several Web-Django applications used in the health sector.

If you want to focus on a flexible and rapidly evolving architecture, the REST APIs are a good solution. To realize them quickly and done right, Zupit focuses on Python and on Django Rest Framework.

A Django based Web Application architecture


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Openshift

In recent years, many companies have chosen to give up managing their servers internally by transferring data and applications to cloud systems in order to focus only on their core business. The biggest players in the cloud world (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, Openshift) support and recommend Python as a tool for the development of both serverless or container-based applications and for the monitoring and automatic management of updates.
Zupit develops Cloud-ready applications and helps its customers in the process of migration to the cloud.

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Machine Learning

Prediction & classification

My company has several customers and products but I would like to send everyone an email offer with only one product, but the right one. (Classification)
My business has seasonal peaks that are not easy to understand since they are related to holidays, the school calendar and the weather forecast. However, I would like to try to predict my resource needs to optimize costs and avoid waste. (Prediction)
In these and in countless other cases machine learning can give surprisingly precise answers in a reasonable time frame..
Thanks to Python and tools such as Tensorflow and Keras, Zupit can help your company find the answers you are looking for in the data.

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Business support

Python is also very useful as a tool for analyzing and viewing large volumes of data.
Python allows you to extend existing applications and create new tools by connecting to existing software which can support businesses in examining business data to make important decisions.BR/> Tools such as Pandas, Numpy, MatplotLib and Seaborn allow you to analyze billions of data in seconds. Making studies and research, which only a few years ago seemed confined to the world of science fiction, possibile.

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Business support