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Software engineers and designers work together following a lean approach, with the aim of producing value for their customers, constantly improving and mastering the latest technologies.
The friendly and stimulating environment where we work and our Agile organization allow us to efficiently achieve excellent results.

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How we work

We like doing things well. First, we aim to understand our customers needs and try to guide them in the right direction. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to producing code solely on the specifications provided. We want to make good use of our brains and together define the objectives of the project. However, we know that ideas also change and therefore we have chosen a working methodology (Agile) which allows us to adapt along the way.

Briefly it consists in dividing the project into several small tasks (stories, or better "user stories"), which are tiny atomic projects that can be used and tested by the customer. Every 4-5 days, we can deliver a functioning piece to be verified and approved. Therefore it is possible to monitor the progress and make changes during construction. This way the final product will be exactly as required.

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A coffee first

Let's have a coffee together to understand your ideas and needs, and see if we can help in any way.

Beyond specifications

A list of specs is fine, but we prefer to dive into the project, increase the level of consideration and understand "the use" and "the function".

The construction

After defining the project together, we convert the requests into user stories. This allows us to share and constantly check the progress of the project.

Continuing together

Our relationship does not end when we have delivered the finished and functioning product. We like to follow the customer and the project over time by continuing to work together.


Relying on an external organization for the development of software applications is a strategic choice. At Zupit we are able to develop your project from start to finish or manage specific segments of the process for you. We offer world class services in the development of software solutions, from the analysis of requirements and systems, to the architecture, design and development, testing, migration and maintenance.

Computerization of processes
Creation of new products
Existing application management
Integration between systems
Cloud migration
Research and development
“Working on the right thing
is probably more important than working hard.“ Caterina Fake [Flickr]
Steve Jobs quote


We choose the technologies that best suit each
individual project

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Our Core Stack includes:

Web: Java, Javascript, Python, Node.js, Angular, React, Django. Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin. Machine learning: Python, TensorFlow.


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