Mobile development

By now more than 50% of Internet browsing is done on mobile devices. For this reason, the development of applications for tablets and mobile phones is no longer optional. Zupit is able to support you in the development of native or cross-platform applications for all the most popular mobile devices.


Ionic is an open-source framework for the development of hybrid applications based on Angular and Cordova. Its flexibility and ease of use has made it one of the main players in its field. Zupit has chosen it for all cases requiring a cross-platform application.


Zupit has chosen Xamarin to make the most of the knowledge already acquired in the development of Microsoft systems ( C# language and DotNet framework). The use of this tool allows us to significantly reduce development time by avoiding unnecessary duplication of code and related tests.


Progressive Web Applications further reduce development costs, providing web application and cross-platform App in one step, in no way inferior to its native or hybrid sisters.

Cross Platform Development

The cross-platform mobile frameworks have allowed Zupit to combine the experience of Web and Desktop development gained over the years with the desire to provide efficient and effective mobile solutions to all customers willing to distribute their services in the pockets of their users.
Using a single language for all platforms lowers development time and costs, lowers the number of errors and improves maintainabilityà.

Cordova / Ionic / Phonegap / Xamarin

Native applications

When performance is a crucial component of a project, developing a native application is almost always the best solution. This type of app allows greater control over the device and deeper access to its features.

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Progressive Web Apps are an attempt to have all the advantages of a native application in one web app. They can be distributed directly from the website, and do not require any validation by the stores, thus avoiding a long and expensive process.