.NET is a cross-language technology (VB, C#, F#, etc.).
Initially related to Microsoft, it has evolved into becoming an
open-source and cross-platform.
It guarantees maximum compatibility and performance and with .NET Core maximum portability on Windows, Linux and MacOs.

Web development

ASP.NET and Entity Framework (such as their open-source version and cross-platform Core) allow to quickly develop applications and REST services equipped with the essential features for an enterprise application. The CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps allows you to automate builds, testing and application deployment maintaining maximum control.

  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET MVC / WebApi / Webform
  • SignalR
  • Entity Framework

Enterprise Application

Complex organizations require adequate software architecture to ensure standards in terms of scalability, performance and security. Zupit implements applications using the architectural patterns that best suit customers' objectives: serverless solutions, distributed systems, microservices or integration platforms.

  • Azure Function
  • Microservices
  • Distributed Systems: Actor Model
  • System Integration: Service Bus, Distributed Queues

Desktop development

Particularly "compute intensive" applications require attention for efficiency and performance: in this case a desktop app may prove to be the right choice. Zupit has great experience with this type of solution.

  • Windows Forms
  • WCF
  • Windows services

Web Development

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ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core is the technology we use at Zupit to create various web applications, both front-end (Web forms, MVC) and back-end (Web API, Microservices).
We have great experience in the use of component libraries created by the main providers on the market, such as DevExpress and Telerik, which allow to reduce the development time of data-centric applications.

Frameworks like ASP.Net Boilerplate implement by-design the most common architectural patterns and natively manage "non functional" aspects such as user management, content caching, job scheduling, activity logging: by now they are considered a commodity and no longer a value.
In addition to rapid prototyping, these frameworks allow maximum customization: each standard part of the application is designed to be transparently replaced by ad-hoc code.

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Enterprise Applications

Within large organizations, the need to integrate software features exposed to different systems which cannot interact directly is common. In these cases it is necessary to introduce an integration platform which deals with mediating and guaranteeing communication; at Zupit we use NServiceBus and RabbitMQ according to our clients' needs.

Azure functions allows the re-use of .Net libraries in a serverless environment.
You only pay for as much as you use!
Azure Functions can be easily integrated with a huge variety of Azure services such as Azure Sql , Azure Storage etc. This integration allows you to create very complex workflows together with very precise monitoring of each element of the application.


Akka.net is a message-driven framework, asynchronous by design, which implements the Actor Model.
The power of the Actor Model is the ease of replicating real-life scenarios in the code: similar to humans, each actor will communicate with others through messages requesting an action and obtaining an asynchronous response.
For example, in an e-commerce site there will be an actor for warehouse activities, one for confirming payments, another for managing shipments and so on.

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Desktop development

In some cases the web approach is not the optimal solution, for example when interracting with devices connected to the user's computer, working offline, processing large quantities of data or for particular security needs: In these cases the classic Windows app can be an optimal solution, being able to control every component of the system in a very precise way.
Great experience with Windows Forms and WCF allows us to take on the challenge of these particular domains.


Legacy code recovery

Maintenance and reengineering

Not everything is built from scratch and the software is no exception: at Zupit we are experts in managing legacy code based on the Microsoft platform that requires maintenance or even better reengineering.